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One on Ones

Have you own personal Pilates Instructor: this means that you will get 100% of the Instructor's attention! This allows you to learn with individualised modifications.

One on Ones

In the One on One session, it is all about you! Based on your assessment & your goals, your instructor will design a personalised Pilates training programme and teach you the exercise techniques with the equipment that works best for you. All exercises will be monitored with modifications & progressions introduced as you progress towards your goals.One on Ones are the best way to learn the Pilates principles & correct technique.

ATHLETES: Athletes will  find One on Ones a great way to focus on specific areas to help enhance their performance. We welcome coach input so we can programme to meet the athletes competition build up. 

REHAB:They are the most beneficial pathway for those requiring rehabilitation after an injury or operation to assist their recovery.

Ideally, we will be working for the client, as part of a team, with advise from the clients own Medical professionals.

At Pilates New Plymouth, any client requiring rehabilitation will undergo a professional screening process, in which we will establish goals, general medical status, obtain medical clearance & recommendations, conduct postural analysis & dynamic movement tests to assess function, & assess dynamic stability. Our goal is to help the client's awareness, strength & co-ordination to help create stability & mobility, muscle balance, proprioception, & overall fitness during healing. Also to assess & correct any predisposing factors to reduce likelihood of recurrence .

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