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Why Come to Pilates New Plymouth?

  • We offer specialist Intensive & Advanced Reformer classes & Pilates Equipment fitness programmes
  • We offer Specialist Intensive & Advanced Matwork Corporate classes
  • We tailor exercises to meet each individual's personal needs & goals
  • We have small class sizes to ensure each person is performing the Pilates exercises correctly, therefore providing the best results & outcomes for each of our clients
  • We offer a team approach to rehabilitation Pilates programmes
  • We are committed to on-going professional training so that we can offer the best programming to our clients.

We are a dedicated provider of the Pilates method exercise system. All our instructors have trained with world re-known organisations and each bring their own specialized approach to gaining optimum body fitness and balance.

Pilates as an exercise system offers profound results on core strength, flexibility, skeletal alignment, co-ordination, full recovery from injury, rebalancing faulty movement patterns and correcting habitual un-natural postures.

What to Expect at Pilates New Plymouth

At Pilates New Plymouth we want to provide the best possible Pilates experience for our clients, therefore, every new client will undergo the same initial process of assessment & programming.


In general New Clients will be required to attend a series of sessions: one Assessment & Intro Pilates Session & two One-on-One Mat Sessions.

The first appointment includes a personalised health screen & postural analysis, plus goal setting, to allow us to prescribe a suitable Pilates programme. It also includes teaching the principles & benefits of the STOTT PILATES® method.

The two One-on-One sessions will be programmed for you so that you can become familiar with the prescribed exercises. The client can then choose to book private appointments or move into group sessions or classes.

Another Option is to attend a Group intro session, then join a class, providing there are no health or injury issues.


Come along in clothing that is comfortable to move in. Clients must wear socks throughout each session for hygiene. Pilates Socks are available for purchase. If you wear orthotics, your shoes can be worn.


We request that you arrive 10 minutes before your first appointment & arrive 5 minutes before subsequent visits.


You can download our MINDBODY BOOKING app for free to your phone or computer, direct from this website, then set up a log in & you will be able to manage you bookings & payments.

It is preferred that clients book appointments& classes in advance, this is to ensure that our clients get the most from their programme at the times most suitable to them, & will avoid disappointment if class, or session times are full. Concession rates are available for multiple bookings.

If your preferred class time is full you can choose to be put on a waitlist in-case we get any cancellations.

Casual bookings are available

We can also book you in ourselves if you prefer not to use the Mindbody app.


Pricing Nov 1st 2018


NO REFUNDS will be given

Early Cancellations will not be charged: “ Early” is more than 24hours notice.

Late Cancellations will be charged in full for classes, and a cancellation fee of $40 will be charged for one on one appointments: “Late” is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment or class.This is to ensure staff have sufficient time to fill the time slot from waiting lists & re-programme suitable sessions for each client.


All payments include GST. Payment must be made before each session via cash, cheque, or online banking or on the new Mindbody system

Online Banking Details : Larnz Fitness Limited 03 0713 0038332 000 please use name as reference.

NOTE:* We may request that you get a medical clearance for any health conditions, injury, or if you are pregnant.

 We reserve the right to prohibit you from participating in a session if we feel it is a risk to you or others


“What had initially started as a ‘One Off’10 week introductory Pilates Mat class as a Corporate Wellness & Resilience programme, is now a regular fixture more than 2 years later, with 20 plus people of differing abilities attending, all thanks to Chris’s engaging & knowledgeable teaching style.

Chris tailor’s exercises to meet the need & capabilities of all participants, and as testament to her abilities, a number have gone on to join the Pilates New Plymouth Studio for additional sessions and/or Reformer classes due to the numerous and varied positive results they have received from Pilates at work.”

Christine Naughton

"I went to Pilates New Plymouth with a weak core, balance & co-ordination issues, lack of strength, lack of tone, & joint pains in my knees especially. A challenge to say the least! Following an assessment with Chris we embarked on some one on one sessions. Under Chris’s expert guidance & tuition I was able to move more freely & I progressed to Group sessions.I decided to book 3 x per week so I could feel & gain the benefits quickly.  Now just 3 months later, I am amazed at my new found strength & agility, a much stronger Core, which has made a profound difference to my everyday activities. I feel more toned with a greater sense of ease & wellbeing, I even sleep better, plus I have gone down 2 sizes in my clothes. I recommend Chris & Pilates New Plymouth to anyone."

Veronica Tarrant

"Pilates helped me to understand the different muscles in my body. Due to my body structure, which many exercises would not be suitable, Pilates has allowed me to tone & stretch my muscles without injuring myself." 

Joanne Lim

"My Core is literally going from strength to strength! Thank you Pilates New Plymouth for helping me achieve a stronger, fitter healthier me!"

Louise McKenna