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 Reformer Classes

The Reformer Class has a maximum of five people per class performing the same exercises at the same time, providing a challenging workout!

Reformer Classes

The Reformer Class focuses on all over body conditioning and using resistance, which enhances the intensity of each exercise. The resistance will be tailored to suit the requirements of each client.

This is an excellent way to challenges the core & total body strength. Specific exercises are used to target specific muscle groups, add muscular challenge or endurance.

On the Reformer you will get an ultimate toning workout, sculpting the body and increasing lean muscle mass without adding bulk. After you use the Reformer a few times you will notice a difference.

The Reformer enhances the Mind & Body Connection, so you will FEEL your Core Muscles working - this reinforces proper form & function. You will get all the benefits of Cardio & Strength Training, but avoid all the usual high impact aches & pains.

Pilates Reformer exercises make you whole body feel great!

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