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What's your Mountain?

What's your Mountain?

New Year- new dreams, goals, challenges, aspirations....... Anything is possible!

My "Mountian"  is to climb Mt Taranaki !

This spectacular Mountain is a constant landmark in my life & I look for it daily.

The first time I climbed it I was 19years old..............I had done no training as I thought because I was young I would manage the climb.........she'll be right attitude! Well I did manage to climb it & while I was pleased with that fact, my body took a whole week to recover!  I realised It would have been a much nicer experience if I had been fitter & stronger.

The next time I climbed the Mountain I was 25years old, I was fit & strong & it was a really enjoyable experience.

Now at age 54, even though I am reasonably fit I know I wont enjoy this climb unless I put in some serious preparation with some Pilates, tramping & hill climbing. The great thing about Pilates training is the complete workout it provides to achieve the stability, strength, flexibility & balance that will be required to complete the climb with ease.

I will be posting updates on our Mountain training on facebook throughout the next 8 to 10 weeks.

You don't have to want to climb an actual mountain, but whatever you set as a challenge, if you have set a gaol for yourself that involves anything physical- We can work out a specific training plan with Pilates to help you achieve your goal.

So What is your Mountain?

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