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Time To Make It Count

Time To Make It Count

Six months has gone already this year! What were our goals at the beginning of the year? Have we achieved them? Or have we even made a start on them? MAKE THE NEXT SIX MONTHS COUNT!

Our clients come to us for many different reasons. Some to Relax & unwind, some to feel free & more mobile, some to get stronger, fitter, faster, & yet others to decrease pain.

All our committed clients are reaping the benefits of Pilates to achieve their individual goals.

Over the month of July we invite those of you who have " been meaning to come to Pilates" to book some 'One on Ones' to set some goals for yourselves.

We can work out what your body is capable of right now with an assessment, & then we can advise on a programme that will get you underway to improve, & ultimately achieve the best possible results.

It might be a challenge...but Rome wasn't built in a Day... so you will need to put in some effort to get out the rewards! You will feel better for it & enjoy some fun classes & meet some other like minded people along the way!

Start this month. Make the most of the rest of this year!

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