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The Core  or Powerhouse

The Core or Powerhouse

The Core, or Powerhouse, is the energetic centre of your body: it is the area from the bottom of the ribcage to a line across the hip joints in the front to the base of the buttocks in the back - incorporating abdominals, pelvic floor, lower back muscles, & the muscles surrounding the hip joint

Core-Stability is the desired maintenance of appropriate positioning & activation during movement. In other words, Core stability is the ability to keep the pelvis & spine in the desired position while moving the limbs or the whole body, without undesired distortions or compensations

People who can't maintain desired control of this area in a given movement & who arch the lower back or moves the pelvis excessively is often said to have a weak core, or demonstrate poor core control, or poor  core stability. Often these people suffer from back pain or weakness, tight hips, glutes that wont fire, & poor posture. 

Many Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen the core, so if you are someone who could do with improvement in core strength contact us on our contact page of this website now.... your body will love you!

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