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Teen Pilates Term 3

Teen Pilates Term 3

Teen Pilates Classes Your teenager will build fitness routines that last

Teen Pilates Class’ at Pilates New Plymouth is designed for girls to teach them early in life that physical fitness is more than competition. It’s a lifestyle.

Not only are the Pilates classes a great workout, they’re also a great way to stretch your body, clear your head and work out with friends.

Having a positive attitude toward incorporating exercise into a teenagers schedule increases the likelihood that they will grow up to value healthy living and stay active.

Understanding this link between youth and adult habits, Pilates New Plymouth studio launched their Teen Pilates program last year.  Due to the popularity we have run the course each term ever since.  

Pilates uses foundational movements — core training, breathing, muscle isolation, balance — and gives students an idea of spatial awareness, which is key during adolescent development.

Pilates Classes have a wide appeal. Students involved in sports, and others who simply want to be active will benefit from Pilates.

While having fun, the students are reaping physical and mental health benefits they may not even be aware of. Numerous studies show that kids succeed in school, sleep better and deal with stress more easily if they are active.

Physical fitness also can help young people improve body image. The movement and stretching of Pilates gets kids in touch with their bodies at a critical and awkward time in their lives

Good exercise habits can ease the transition from puberty into adulthood and cement healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

 So what are you waiting for BOOK IN NOW!   Spaces are limited but if demand is high more classes can be added.

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