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Pilates Moves for Runners

Pilates Moves for Runners

5 Pilates moves to Keep Runners Moving


Learn how to utilize all your leg muscles and keep a healthy stride with this chest-opening move:

Lying on your belly, hands in front of the shoulders, pull the belly off the floor and start to lengthenthe upper body away from the mat, starting with the crown of the head reaching out and then up.

Draw the shoulder blades close to the spine to open the chest and to stretch the entire front of the body from the crown of the head to the fronts of the legs.

When you become more comfortable with the exercise, you can add in a rock forward, which deeply challenges all of the back body muscles from feet to shoulders to maintain the deep control while stretching the front of the body.

Repeat five times.

2-Leg Pull

Open the chest and strengthen the back and arms to achieve a more upright posture with the classic leg pull:

From a seated position, stretch hands behind hips with fingers facing forward. Lift hips off mat to create a straight line from heels to shoulders. Legs are turned out slightly, and inner thighs are touching.

Press the hands into the floor so that arm and upper back muscles are engaged. Press into the outer edge of the right foot, and stretch the left leg as high as possible without moving anything else.

Extend the leg up, and continue to reach it as high as possible. Attempt 10 higher lifts, and switch sides.

Repeat four to five times on each side.

3-Side Kick Kneeling

Side kick kneeling challenges your core so it will be prepared when uphills, downhills, or turns take the torso out of the standard upright position:

From a kneeling position, tip yourself to the left and allow your left hand to securely land on the floor, directly under the shoulder.

Extend your right leg to hip height, ensuring that the leg is parallel to the floor. Sweep the leg forward and back 10 times, up and down 10 times, and circle 10 times in each direction. This is one cycle.

Repeat for three cycles. Switch legs, and repeat for three cycles on the other side.


Strengthen your obliques, core, and legs, while stretching your hips away from your ribs:

Lie on your back, and pull the knees into the chest. Reach the legs up to the ceiling, and tightly squeeze them together, focusing on connecting your inner thighs.

Reach the legs over to the right, allowing the hips to lift away from the floor.

Reach the legs back to center but still engaged, ensuring that the lower back remains on the floor.

Reach the legs over to the left, grounding the shoulders and allowing the hips to move first, the rib cage if possible next. Pull the legs back up in toward the body. This counts as one rep.

Repeat 10 times.


Roll over and lengthen your waistline and torso while challenging and strengthening the backs of your legs:

Lie on your back, and pull the knees into the chest. Extend the legs out to a 45-degree angle, engaging the inner thighs and reaching the legs as far out as possible without arching the lower back.

Press into the upper back, and stretch the legs long as you reach them up to the ceiling. Use your core to draw them in; don't just bend at your hip flexors.

Keeping length through the spine throughout the exercise and never compressing, draw the pubic bone toward the belly button to lift the hips away from the floor. The legs will reach behind the body and be parallel to the floor.

Keep the legs strong and the spine stretching back into the floor. Slowly extend your legs back down to rest on the ground.

Repeat 10 times.

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