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Pilates in the Park

Pilates in the Park

Festival of the Lights

On a sunny but dewy Friday morning at 9am, a large bunch of people from kids to the elderly, to advanced Yogi's showed up and enjoyed a fun hour of mat Pilates. An elderly client of mine, Ida Ure, joined me up on stage performing the beginner versions of each exercise, while I walked around correcting people and demonstrating exercises on the wet grass!

I took complete newbies through a series of exercises, outlining the Principles of Pilates and managed to progress some throughout the class. I think everyone got a decent workout and stretch and found their ABS!

Neisha and her team from NPDC had the sunblock on hand and provided some shade if anyone needed any. Some people were wearing their sunglasses to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun whilst going through the routine. What a beautiful setting to teach in, flowers, shrubs and trees of all sorts providing the perfect Pilates background.

See you all again! for Lunchtime Pilates on Tuesday January 22nd 2019, 12:30pm at the Hatchery Lawn.

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