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January Bookings

January Bookings

January - Time for New Beginings!! WE ARE TAKING BOOKINGS NOW

 The New Year presents us with the opportunity to be better than we were in the past.  In January we often have the time to reflect on last year & to set goals for the new year. It is always good to set new challanges & find ways to improve ourselves both physically & mentally.

Pilates is a fantastic Mind body exercise style, involving on the synchronisation of breath & movement with a special focus on correct form & alignment & a mental focus on awareness of every muscular movement. Plus- Anyone can do Pilates no matter what age or physical ability. We will work with you to find  you the appropriate pilates exercises & sessions  weather you are unfit, injured, young or old, athletic or not.

January is a great time to book your One on One Pilates introductory apointments to learn the basic Pilates Principals & get you off to a positive start on your Pilates programme. (See  PILATES SESSIONS)

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