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Imprinting may be the most basic Pilates exercise there is. Yet it can be one of the most profound. Imprinting is the perfect way to get centered before you begin your Pilates workout or any other form of exercise.

Begin imprinting by lying on your back with your arms by your sides, knees bent, & feet flat on the floor. You will be in neutral spine- allowing you spine to rest with its natural curves.

Now relax:

Relax your shoulders..........melt them to the floor

Relax your jaw & throat

Relax your ribcage, let the sternum drop & the back ribs move to the floor

Relax your hips & legs using only enough energy to keep your Knees up & legs in alignment

Engage you abdominals to gently pull together & downward toward your spine, the ribs & hips will move closer together.

Relax your spine, let it go long & melt into the floor.

Now breathe deeply into the spaces opening up between your vertebrae, do at lease 3 to 5 breaths.

For relaxation & stress reduction, do imprinting for 5 minutes or more.

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