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Goal Achieved

Goal Achieved


After setting my New Years resolution to Climb Mt Taranaki  to see the sunrise, I asked others to join me. 

We set ourselves 8 weeks to train in time for Easter. We started with some serious Pilates sessions to strengthen our legs while maintaining our Core connections & Posture.

We also Tramped some fabulous tracks in our beautiful Egmont National Park, making sure to include some undulations & hills, since we had a steep climb ahead.

We enjoyed ourselves the whole time & our fitness progression was super fast! So Fast, in fact, that  on a training tramp just 3 weeks into our 8 week programme .....up the puffer, up the steps & onto the scree....... we were feeling so good & it was such a beautiful day , that we decided to just go to the top!

So we did!

So now we just had to maintain the fitness, & hope the Easter weather would be kind enough to allow us a great night to climb & see the sunrise, & shadow of the Mountian.

Well.....the weather held, we had a fantastic view of the sunrise & even though it was a bit cloudy on the west side we got a spectacular shadow of the Mountian too!

So awesome I would do it all again !

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