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Corporate Pilates in the Workplace

Corporate Pilates in the Workplace


Many occupations involve sitting or standing for long periods of time, which can contribute to either one or several of the following: back pain, pain or discomfort in other joints, neck & shoulder tension, & headaches.
Pilates is a mind body form of exercise, teaching the important muscular connections that are key to giving people a good awareness of the way they hold & move themselves.
Pilates Exercises are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine & rebalance the muscles around the joints. With a focus on good posture, core strength, strength of stability muscles, mobility, flexibility, Pilates can improve wellbeing & aid in rehabilitation of injuries.

For the past two years Pilates New Plymouth has been working with several corporate clients at there premises as part of ongoing Wellness strategies they have developed.

Client Testimonial 

“What had initially started as a ‘One Off’10 week introductory Pilates Mat class as a Corporate Wellness & Resilience programme, is now a regular fixture more than 2 years later, with 20 plus people of differing abilities attending, all thanks to Chris’s engaging & knowledgeable teaching style.

Chris taylor’s classes to meet the need & capabilities of all participants, and as testament to her abilities, a number have gone on to join the Pilates New Plymouth Studio for additional sessions and/or Reformer classes due to the numerous and varied positive results they have received from Pilates at work.”

Christine Naughton, Shell Taranaki Ltd.

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