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Studio Group Classes

Pilates Studio Group classes are programmed specifically for groups of people with the same goals - over 65's, Pre & Post Natal, Sports Groups  etc. 

Studio Group Classes

Over 65's Pilates

The Pilates over 65's  Mat Class  (Maximum 6 people) &  Pilates over 65's Reformer Classes(Maximum of 4 people)  focuses on Stability, Strength, Balance, Co-ordination, Flexibility & Posture, with the aim to regain, improve, & maintain active lifestyles.

Pre Natal & Post Natal Pilates

Pre  Natal Pilates will be a gentle programme focusing on Posture, Strength, Stability, & Relaxation, Incorporating Reformer Pilates exercises & also using other accessory equipment. (Maximum 4 people).

Post Natal Pilates on the Mat will focus on the recovery of core & pelvic condition, posture Strength stability & relaxation. BABIES WELCOME ( Maximum of 5 people) 

NOTE:If you would like to participate in Pre or Post Natal Pilates you will be required to bring a letter of approval from your Doctor or Midwife

Sports Groups Pilates

If your Sports groups is interested in some Pilates training, please register your interest, so that an appropriate programme can be created for your specific sport & goals. Max Number of people will be determined as programme is designed. 

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