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 Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions

Studio Groups: A progression from One on Ones. The people in the class share personal pilates instruction which means that you each can work on your own program with others who have similar goals.

Studio Circuits: A fun Pilates workout using various Pilates equipment

Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions will have a maximum of four clients. Each client will be working on their own individual Pilates programme and the instructor will continue to modify & progress these for each person.  Clients will be working on various Pilates equipment, Mat, Reformer, Stability Chair, Tower & Ladder Barrel. We will try to group clients with similar abilities & goals into the same Group Session where appropriate. It is likely some clients will choose to stay in Studio Sessions & others may want to move onto Studio Circuits or Reformer Classes.

Studio Circuits have a maximum of 5 clients exercising in rotation around various Stations on our Pilates equipment. With ever changing Pilates exercises at each station this provides a fun balanced workout with lots of challenge, but still allows for modifications to suit each individuals abilities & progression.

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